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DVC Point Rental Pro (Mini Course)$19

Ready to learn how to save big (hundreds & thousands big) on Deluxe stays at Disney World? Renting DVC points is the answer!

This toolbox will show you exactly how and where to hunt those deals that can snag you stays at resorts like Animal Kingdom Lodge & The Grand Floridian for less than $300/night.

Included in the Point Rental Pro Toolbox is:

Step 1: Understanding DVC and Renting Points

Step 2: Why Rent DVC? SAVINGS!

Step 3: All the Ways to Rent

Step 4: How To Think About Renting

Step 5: How to Check Availability

Step 6: Brokers to Use
 Confirmed Reservations (aka, the gold mine)

Step 7: Newsletter Discounts & Flash Sales

Step 8: Interesting Broker/Renter Tool

Step 9: How to Rent from Individuals

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